The End

I think we knew thrusters were coming, it was just a matter of what would be tossed in the mix with them. Was the hopper emptied, like a pyrotechnician setting off all their fireworks for a grand finale? No. Would this be the first ever Open with 2 repeated workouts? Nope. 15.5 is a straight … Continue reading

Calling All Runners!

It's been a rough winter but we are back on the pavement! With the Boston Marathon coming up we are calling out to all our members to see if anyone is running the Boston Marathon. We would love to track your progress or give you a shout out on the blog so let us know! If you have not been one of … Continue reading

For Load and For Time

Today we are maxing out our clean and jerk. I saw a lot of PRs on 15.1a so let's take the clock away and see what you can do with the extra time. Then we'll bring the clock back in for a bodyweight spin on the same barbell movement. Moving efficiently from your clean right into your jerk will save … Continue reading

The Penultimate Challenge

Week 4 of the 2015 CrossFit Open brought a movement and loading not seen before in this competition, as well as a brand new standard I doubt anyone saw coming. I know the line on the wall has once again caused a bit of division of opinion in the world of competitive exercise. Love it or hate it, I … Continue reading

Don’t Hibernate on Bear Crawls

Bear crawls often are the source of a lot of groans (or growls?). They come up in a named hero WOD or two so we can't just toss them aside unless we need them. In addition to making you feel like a kid again, they are great tools to strengthen your midline. Think of it like a traveling plank, where … Continue reading