It’s Kelly! As many wall ball shots as Karen, with over a mile worth of running and 150 box jumps tossed into the mix… Free parking is available all day at Friday at CrossFit Fenway

From the Floor

Taking the weight from ground to shoulder, then running and going shoulder to overhead in the metcon… Free parking is available all day Thursday at CrossFit Fenway

Got Data?


5×5 Front Squats and an interval twist on Christine. Be sure to record it all… Free parking is available all day Monday at CrossFit Fenway

Community Beyond Words


There are days that the community at CrossFit Fenway overwhelms me with its strength and generosity. Murph Day 2011 was one of those days. Here’s a story about that.

June Goals


Get this month’s goals on the board, and get to work on deadlifts and HSPU Thursday… Rest day for the Red Sox, so we’ve got parking all day Thursday