Got Data?


5×5 Front Squats and an interval twist on Christine. Be sure to record it all… Free parking is available all day Monday at CrossFit Fenway

Community Beyond Words


There are days that the community at CrossFit Fenway overwhelms me with its strength and generosity. Murph Day 2011 was one of those days. Here’s a story about that.

June Goals


Get this month’s goals on the board, and get to work on deadlifts and HSPU Thursday… Rest day for the Red Sox, so we’ve got parking all day Thursday

A Long Way to Go


A couplet of movements requiring you go a long way for each rep, but the workout’s short, the weight’s light, and there’s no reason to stop. Let’s see PRs on the back squat, and lots of rounds Wednesday… The Sox have a day game Wednesday, so there’s no free parking during midday classes

Murph Day 2011

Murph Day is this Saturday, sign up today!… The Sox are back in town (and first place), so there’s no parking during Tuesday evening classes