After Action Reports

Thank You!


Thanks to all who took on Pat’s WOD and or donated to PR for Pat!… The Sox are on the road, so street parking’s available all day Tuesday

Community Beyond Words


There are days that the community at CrossFit Fenway overwhelms me with its strength and generosity. Murph Day 2011 was one of those days. Here’s a story about that.

Congrats to Eric and Erica!

What a weekend!!  The competition was fierce, the workouts were grueling, and the competitors tough.  I was merely a spectator, but was exhausted after cheering for Eric and Erica.  The heart and determination that these two competitors put forth towards every workout was inspiring.  The pain that they pushed through to finish the workouts, the…

Postponed: Acro Conditioning Workshop

Sorry for the late notice folks, but we’re postponing tomorrow’s scheduled Acro Conditioning Workshop. It’s my first try at one of these, and it became apparent (late) that I need to run pre-registration with actual class signups in advance to make sure it works out well. My apologies for any inconvenience – thanks for hanging…

Bright Sun, Beautiful Vistas, and Sweat

We took the hill this morning. Beginning at the intersection of Summit Ave and Beacon Street in Brookline we climbed the hill as part of the following workout: Run up Summit Ave to Corey Hill Outlook Park Walking lunges for the length of the park 30 push-ups with hands on the wall 20 right leg…