Jon J Wellemeyer

Joining CrossFit Fenway was one of the best decisions I ever made regarding my overall health and fitness. The 2 months I spent training at CFF were some of the most educational and fun I’ve ever had working out.

jjw_windowsMy Story

jjw_agilityI started at CFF with the goal of becoming more physically fit in preparation for the start of my US Army career. Law school had taken a toll on my body from long hours of reading case law, eating bad food, and not working out. I realized that I needed to get back in shape as quickly as possible.

Typically soldiers in the Army are tested on the maximum number of pushups and situps they can complete in 2 minutes followed by their time in a 2 mile run. I wanted to make sure that I performed to the best of my abilities on this test so I joined CFF and bought into Stacey and Eric’s programming, knowing full well they would help me reach my goals.


I joined Crossfit Fenway at the beginning of December 2009 and consistently worked out 4-5 times/week until the beginning of February 2010. I also applied the Paleo Diet to my eating as best I could. The results I saw during those two months were unparalleled by any training regimen I had previously undertaken.


Domain Before After 2 Months Comment
Weight 185 lbs 173 lbs Lost 12 lbs!
Waist 36 in 33 in Lost 3 inches!
2 mile run 14:15 13:13 Cut 31s per mile!
2k Row 7:39 7:26 Cut 3% time
Agility Drill 1:41 0:55 Cut 50% time!
Deadlift 120kg 140kg Up 44 pounds, 17%!
Press 37kg 50kg Up 28 pounds, 35%!
Front Squat (3RM) 50kg 65kg Up 33 pounds, 30%!
FRAN 13+ mins, scaled down 8:55, as RX Damn, son.

jjw_breakThe People

In the end, the best part about CFF was the people I met.

  • Eric and Stacey are both outstanding trainers. They are technically proficient individuals with a knack for effectively conveying concepts and skills to their students. Both of them made sure that I pushed myself to my limit each and every workout.
  • Steve Rast is the person who introduced me to CrossFit on cold December mornings at Clemente field. Had I not contacted Steve via email, I never would have learned what CrossFit is all about.
  • JT is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for fitness and firebreathing. JT was never afraid to call me out when he thought I was dogging it, and I’m that much better for it.

Moreover, each of these individuals set the tone for the types of people that workout at CFF on a daily basis. Their motivation and enthusiasm fosters a positive, judgment-free environment where people of all ages and abilities can become physically fit.

  2 comments for “Jon J Wellemeyer

  1. Haley
    February 23, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    This is awesome… We miss you, Wellemeyer!

  2. Ben Patterson
    June 8, 2010 at 5:04 am

    I must say I share a very similar story to Jon, and very strongly agree with his comments on the community and family environment that is fostered and generated within the CrossFit environment. I joined CrossFit South East Queensland in Australia, only 2 months ago at a nice weight of 105kg (231 lbs) and with a very strict diet from a dietitian, I have managed to get down to 90kg (198 lbs). This was all in aid of the fact that I was depressed and hated the look of myself, and I was applying for the Police service. I am now at a suitable weight and am waiting on a response for my application.

    This isn’t about me, but more to say “cheers” to the environment, atmosphere and the huge supportive culture that CrossFit provides, not only in CrossFit Fenway, but all over the world.

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