Caption Contest

On Monday, there was a bird that flew into the gym. I named him Tweety. Eric tried to get him out of the gym using a PVC pipe. I took pictures. You guys get to caption one of said pictures because it is funny. Winner gets bragging rights. 3…2…1…go.




July 31, 2014
Strength: Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
In Teams of 2, with a 12:00 running clock:
1 Mile Run (2 laps around the block + 400m), together
AMRAP Stone-to-Shoulder, 1 athlete working at a time

PR for Pat: This Saturday, August 2nd CrossFit Fenway will be hosting Pat’s WOD (no preregistration required), and heading to the Cask ‘n Flagon for a post workout fundraiser ($10 “cover” going directly to PR for Pat).  Our friend Pat has a long, tough road ahead of him, and needs our help.  You can read his story here.  Pat has already undergone surgery that has taken roughly 70% of his tongue, as well as lymph nodes and glands.  He will require therapy to learn to talk and swallow again, and he faces days upon days of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Pat has incredible determination, and with the help of so many that care about him from the CrossFit community here in Boston he will fight on.  Please donate here, mark your calendar for this Saturday, August 2nd and join us to PR for Pat.

  6 comments for “Caption Contest

  1. Samuel
    July 31, 2014 at 9:06 am

    “Crossfit Fenway: Tending Goats Since 2009″

    Back Squat: 155# for one round, then 145#. 5 is harder than 3.
    WOD with Elyse: 27. My mile time 8:28.
    Thanks for setting the pace Anuj!

  2. Cal
    July 31, 2014 at 10:00 am

    subbed front squat: 70#. my back was not feeling great today

    WOD: subbed skier calories for stones for me, but james and i got 45 reps. he crushed me on that mile!

    great work, 5:30 ladies + james!

  3. Shorty
    July 31, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Caption: “Stop. Who would cross the Pull up Rig of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.”

    Squatted yesterday, so I did Tuesday’s Power Cleans: 175#
    WOD: See above.

    Great work 5:30am. Where were the dudes this morning???

    • SamB
      July 31, 2014 at 5:54 pm

      rest day broseph!

    • Shane B
      July 31, 2014 at 6:33 pm

      In bed!

  4. Ky
    July 31, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    Hatch squats and the mile portion of the metcon. Finished the mile in 7:40 and I’m really proud of myself for not stopping the entire time.

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