Team Summer Solstice Showdown

Man, was it a hot competition day at Crossfit Lando this past Saturday! Crossfit Lando’s first Summer Solstice Team Throwdown was predicted to be as they say, a “scorchah” filling the gym up with 50 teams comprised of one guy and one girl. The day guaranteed every team 4 workouts – 3 CrossFit style Wod’s all under a 15 minute time domain and 1 3 min. floater WOD that every team had to complete in between start of the 1st WOD to the end of the 3rd.


Representing CrossFit Fenway was Gabe and Lilly doing their first Rx Team Competition appropriately named “Gabe and Lilly”. Next was The Red Velveteers with you guessed it, WORLD FAMOUS cupcake owner and my bff, Adie Sprague, plus your friendly intern, Sean Germain. Last minute stand-in for now daddy Eric Siegel, was Sam Horenstein, stepping in to complete 140 inches of awesome with Maralene Zwarich. Finally, representing Tony Horton and all of his multimillion dollar DVDs, P90X consisted of Pat Padgett and myself.


The first workout was a bit of a slap-you-in-the-face lung burner then go lift heavy weight type of WOD. The female had a minute of max double unders followed by the male performing a max set in a minute. In the remaining time until the 10 minute mark, both teammates had to find a 4 rep max set of touch and go squat cleans meaning you were not allowed any pause at the ground with the barbell. Your score was a combination of your team’s total number of double unders plus your weight.


The second WOD was a simple but very well programmed couplet of squats and box jumps. The weight was 95# and the height was 24″. The catch in this 20 rep, 20 rep AMRAP was males had to overhead squat the weight and females had to front squat it. The task was to get the work done in 20 reps at a time for both movements, one athlete working at a time. Your score was total reps after 10 minutes.


The third WOD was a sneaky but old-school Crossfit style chipper with some new fun team twists to it. The chipper consisted of 60 swings, 1.5 for both teammates, 75 pull-ups, 150 partner wall-balls (14#), 75 pull-ups, 60 swings. Every 25 wall-ball reps, the male had to perform 5 interrupting plate burpees.


Floater WOD was a no pace 3 minute race to pick an awkward sand bag up to your shoulder, lunge 2 steps in place, and then climb the rope. Alternating with your partner, your team needed speed with an awkward object and good rope climbing technique to rack up a lot of rounds in 3 minutes.
All 4 teams gave awesome performances throughout the day. It became more and more clear how much of a strategy was necessary to succeed in all 4 WODS, in addition to finding the best balance between you and your partner in hiding weaknesses and highlighting strengths.


          Gabe anGabeandLilly2d Lilly started in the bottom half for the first 2 WODS but impressively fought their way up with 2 finishes in the     upper half for the last two. Their best finish was the floater placing 23rd. This bumped them up for 37th finish out of 50 and reported to  me a lot of fun-having and good times for a first go at it.





Cupcakes struck back in the fitness world with Sean and Adie making up The Red Velveteers. Similar to Gabe and Lilly, the first half of the day was a little lower than the second but still in the top half for placing. They made jumps from 19th and 18th place to an incredible 9th and 7th as the day went on. With their best finish at 7th on the floater WOD, the cupcake team ended up in 15th place.SeanandAdie




It was squat clean mania for 140 Inches of Awesome starting the day strong with 6th place in the 1st WOD, 5th in the 2nd. A little bit of a drop down occurred as the day went on but their 13th place finish on the floater WOD kept them steady. They ended with a strong finish in the top 10 at 9th place.


Sam and Maralene








Finally, there is just no one better to represent the creator of many sold DVD’s (chest and tri’s, back and bi’s, and ab ripper X, etc.), Tony Horton, than Pat Padgett and myself. Pat and I were similar to the others starting out with some lower placings in part one of the day, ending up with 2 first place finishes by the end. First in the chipper and the floater bought us a 1 way ticket to “DT” land for the last workout with the other top 5 teams. We went in to the last workout in 2nd place and left in 2nd place overall. I literally did not stop sweating 50 double unders into the first workout and I think I still am.



CrossFit Lando put on a great show that was extremely organized, well-run, and moved along fast as the day went on. The workouts were just right and the facility was huge hosting 50 teams through 4-5 WODS in one day. The judges and volunteers were awesome and it was honestly great to just get to compete with your friends on a Saturday. We hope they host one again soon and hopefully get more teams from CFF to represent!















TUE 6/25

Strength: Back rack lunges 4 x 6 per leg

315lb lunges x 12 @ Crossfit Fenway

WOD: “Annie”
Double unders
Sit ups




  10 comments for “Team Summer Solstice Showdown

  1. Sam B
    June 25, 2013 at 8:43 am

    nice effort on all the custom t-shirts, competitors. funny it.
    annie=9:12 rx. last time i did it in 8:22. blah
    nice 5:30

  2. Shorty
    June 25, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Back rack lunges: 70kg Already feeling these.
    Annie: 6:41 Rx
    It’s always fun to race against Cal on this one, but it’s not fun to lose to her though. Great job 5:30am!

    • Cal
      June 25, 2013 at 9:18 am

      sorry bro. retaking my annie dominance is a sweet spot for me. you beat me most of the time in other stuff!

  3. Cal
    June 25, 2013 at 9:19 am

    back rack lunges: 39kg

    annie: 6:31 Rx. thought it was a PR, but it’s the same time as april. onward!

  4. June 25, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Back Rack Lunges: 60KG
    8/31/12 – 12:04 w/ singles
    6/25/13 – 16:42 RX

  5. Cassie C
    June 25, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Congrats to everyone this week, seriously impressive!! A big congrats to Gabe for two weeks in a row of dominance. Don’t know how you did it!

    Love and miss you all so much already!

  6. Shannon
    June 25, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Congratulations to everyone! Seeing everyone get out there at these throwdowns makes want to compete too! Does anyone know of a later summmer/early fall event?

    Lunges – 35KG – definitely could have gone heavier but still feeling the lunge burn.

    Annie – 11:45 RX – first time RXing Annie!

  7. Mike G.
    June 25, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    Lunges – 110kg

    Annie – 8:46 Rx. only :47 off of my PR (7:59 Rx – April ’13) and I’m ok with that. in the sets of 40 and 30, my stomach began cramping and seizing causing horrible pain at the top of every sit-up. almost quit, but glad i didn’t because the pain went away, i got all my dubs UNBROKEN and was within the ballpark of my PR.

  8. Brennan
    June 25, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Lunges – 40kg
    8/31/12 – 15:41
    11/30/12 – 10:49
    Today – 10:06

    All these were 3:1 singles…. grrr, okay gol’darn it, I am going to get moving on my dubs

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